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Wedding Photographer, Glasson Lakehouse

We are Sibel & David, and we would love to work with you as you plan your Glasson Lakehouse wedding. The Lakehouse is a favourite venue for us when it comes to weddings. There are so many things to do! From its luxury accommodations to the spa services offered by Brooks & Co., your visit will be more than you ever expected. As a wedding venue, Glasson Lakehouse has a team of professional wedding planners who can help you design a fairy-tale wedding day you will always cherish. With their design skills and our ability to capture every memory, we can make sure your wedding album is everything you want it to be.

Glasson Lakehouse Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Glasson Lakehouse includes panoramic views of the countryside and private moments along the shores of the tranquil inner lakes of Lough Ree. We will take pictures of your wedding guests as they arrive, catching their first glimpses of the Lakehouse in all its finery and grandeur. The ballroom is the perfect place for your wedding reception. When it’s time for the first dance, we will be ready to capture the moment. Remember, there is more to wedding photography than just taking pictures. We look for subtle cues and can anticipate the precious moments that are filled with the most emotion. Those are the opportunities we look for to help us tell your story.

About Sibel & David, Masters of Photography

When we founded Masters of Photography, we wanted to share our passion. We are Sibel & David. We share everything with one another. Our shared passion for photography gives us an opportunity to use our skills to create vibrant and beautiful wedding photographs that are timeless and breathtaking. We pride ourselves on being storytellers. We look for the moments that speak the most. They are full of raw emotion, and joy is so tangible that it leaps from the page, allowing you to relive each moment. The albums we create bring your wedding day to life.

Glasson Lakehouse, Westmeath Co.

A short distance from Dublin, Glasson Lakehouse sits in the heartland of Ireland just outside Athlone. The grounds and lakes give your wedding guests an opportunity to take part in many activities during their stay. Fishing, kayaking, hiking, and taking long walks will allow you to relax as your wedding day draws closer. If you like golf, play a few rounds and then visit the spa. Go for a short drive along the sweeping avenue in one of the Lakehouse golf carts. No matter where you go on the property, there will always be a place perfect for wedding photographs.

History of Glasson Lakehouse

What began as a farm has now been transformed for a second time. The first renovation turned the dwindling farm into a golf resort that eventually began to lose its appeal. In the 1990s, the Lakehouse was transformed again. This time a few of the holes on the golf course were decked out with Airstream food trucks. Rustic overtones could be found throughout the Lakehouse. Bonnie’s Restaurant and Tom’s Pub. Luxury amenities were added throughout, giving the hotel everything it needed to become one of the most popular wedding venues in Ireland. Today, with the added spa services, couples can spend their first nights as man and wife in the lap of luxury.

Weddings at Glasson Lakehouse

Weddings at Glasson Lakehouse are meant to be special. The wedding planners at the venue are exceptional at what they do. They create enchanted settings where all of your fairy tale dreams come true. As we follow you as you move through your day, we will be there documenting every moment, capturing every emotion, and saving every smile so you can relive them years in the future when you look at your wedding album.

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How many photographers will be working with you?

We are a husband and wife team, so you will have two Masters of Photography shooting your wedding.

Is it possible to get a video?

We are photographers as well as filmmakers. If you want a video, we will make sure you get one!

Will you help with the planning process?

Yes! We will work with you and the wedding planners at the Glasson Lakehouse to ensure your day is one that you and your guests will remember.

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