10 Classic Wedding Photos That Every Photographer Takes

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No matter your level of experience as a wedding photographer, there are certain key photos that every professional should capture on the big day. These shots will help you immortalize your client’s wedding album in an elegant and timeless manner.

It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of a wedding and miss out on these important moments that will forever be captured in photographs.

1. The First Look

One of the timeless wedding photos that every photographer takes is a First Look. This modern tradition allows couples to see each other intimately, away from guests.

It can help calm pre-ceremony nerves. Additionally, it makes for stunning photographs.

2. The Bridal Party

The bridal party is an integral element of the wedding day. This group of family members and close friends will be present to support both bride and groom on their special day.

Photographers should take group photos in a creative manner, to bring out the personality and connection between bride and groom. Plus, they’ll capture some fun and joy during this milestone moment.

3. The Ceremony

The Ceremony is one of the most meaningful elements of a wedding, and there’s no better time to capture it on film. This moment where you exchange vows is when you have an opportunity to reflect on your love and dedication for one another.

Capture a priceless moment with your family as they come together in honor of you – this will be one you cherish forever!

4. The First Kiss

Photographers strive to capture this moment, which can be both thrilling and important. A first kiss is one of life’s most magical experiences – don’t miss it!

For an unforgettable photo, select a location where both of you feel relaxed and secure. A rooftop is one of the most romantic spots to kiss!

5. The Reception

The reception is the moment when friends and family can gather to toast the newlyweds. It can range from a light snack spread to an elaborate sit-down dinner.

Capturing all these moments for a wedding album that your couple will treasure for years to come is essential. The reception is one of the most exciting parts of the day and it can be difficult to get all of those classic wedding photos you desire.

6. The Dance Floor

The dance floor is one of the most crucial elements at a wedding reception. From the newlyweds’ first dance to tender exchanges between father and daughter, it’s here that some of life’s most precious moments take place.

Therefore, having a plan for the order of dances at your wedding is essential. Doing so will guarantee guests have enough time to eat, drink and mingle without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

7. The Cake

Cakes are an integral element of any wedding reception. As the centrepiece, everyone should be able to appreciate its beauty – so take time to capture both a wide shot of it as well as close-up details.

Instead of opting for a loud novelty design, consider subtle elements that express the personalities of the newlyweds. These could include a diamante buckle, rambling sugar or fresh flowers.

8. The Grand Exit

The Grand Exit is always one of the most exciting moments on a wedding day. It’s your chance to toast with friends and family before beginning your new life together.

For the ideal exits, choose ones that reflect your individual style and are distinctive to you. Don’t feel obligated to recreate an old tradition if it doesn’t suit your aesthetic!

9. The First Look With The Groom

Every photographer knows that the first look is one of the most significant moments on a wedding day. It’s when a groom sees his bride for the first time and gets to react to her.

He’s finally allowed himself to cry and express all his feelings for her – this is a moment no bride wants to miss!

10. The First Look With The Bride

No doubt, the first look with your future spouse is one of the most memorable moments on your wedding day. It allows for you to step away from everyone else and truly see each other without any distractions from the ceremony. It truly allows for an intimate moment between both of you.

Your first glance together is a moment that you and your partner will remember for life – one you’ll laugh, cry and take in each other’s smile. It’s an unforgettable moment you’ll both cherish for evermore!


We hope this blog has provided all the information you need about classic wedding photos. Thanks to Simon at TPS for helping to put this guide together.