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Wedding Photographer County Arms Hotel

As a County Arms Hotel Wedding Photographer, we love working at this popular and well-known Birr Hotel. We are Sibel and David. We share every aspect of our lives, loves, and passions. We enjoy working together because we think alike. The County Arms Hotel is a 4-star establishment that is capable of hosting weddings, weekend getaways, and private wellness retreats where you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Wedding Photographer, County Arms Hotel

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for the County Arms Hotel, you found us. The County Arms Hotel is one of our favourite wedding venues. When you choose a hotel wedding, everything you need is at your fingertips. You never have to leave to go to your wedding venue. You can choose to take many of your wedding photos at the hotel or you can choose to visit a few of the local sites.

County Arms Hotel Wedding Photography

When you are ready to book your soulful Birr County Arms Hotel wedding, call the Masters of Photography! We can begin to make plans right away so you won’t have to worry about getting organised as your big day approaches. We can help you plan everything from your engagement photos to the wedding portraits we will take at your wedding reception. The County Arms Hotel is the ideal location if you want the best that Ireland has to offer.

About Sibel & David

We are Sibel and David. We work as a team to ensure that the wedding album you receive is everything you want it to be and more. When you look at your photos, we don’t want you to see a lovely couple‚Äôs wedding reception. We want you to relive every moment of your wedding celebration. Our laid-back, documentary-style photography gives you the candid moments that tell your wedding story. We look for the photographic gems that are laden with emotion and offer a glimpse of just how much you mean to one another.

County Arms Hotel, Birr

Birr County is a popular tourist destination in Ireland. The County Arms Hotel is at the top of the list for many couples who travel to Ireland for an international wedding. As a 4-star hotel, it has all the luxury amenities that more expensive hotels offer, including a Leisure Club with wellness suites where you can be pampered before and after your big day. When you book the Masters of Photography as your County Arms Hotel wedding photographer, we can explore your photography options with you.

History of County Arms Hotel

The County Arms Hotel has been owned by the same family for 62 years. As the first 4-star hotel in the Offaly area, the staff are continually working to help couples plan the weddings they have always dreamed of. The hotel has a long list of followers on social media that share in its successes. The hotel offers modern amenities combined with the rich history and architectural elegance it has always been known for.

Weddings at County Arms Hotel

If you choose to have your wedding at the County Arms Hotel, there are many locations on the property to hold your ceremony. 9-acres of beautifully cared-for gardens surround the majestic hotel. The staff at the hotel will provide wedding advice that will help you get everything organised for the day of your wedding. They know all the places in Offaly where you can find everything you need to make your wedding a day you will never forget.

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Having two photographers ensures that every precious moment is captured. It also helps if you want to have a video of your wedding. We work as a team. This allows us to provide you with twice the memories.

Is having a wedding videographer a good idea?

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While we will include posed portraits if they are requested, we prefer to keep things as unposed as possible. We want you to be as relaxed as possible so that we can capture all the happy times and beautiful moments that make up the biggest day of your life.

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