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A bit about us…

Masters of Photography is the name of our photography business. We started it because we love taking pictures, and our clients wanted a truly artistic style that had won awards, but was available to everyone.

Like all companies, choosing a name was one of the first things we had to decide on. For us, this task was made a little easier as we have a master’s degree in photography. Our business consists of two photographers (Sibel and David) and is family-run. On occasion, we have the assistance of our four lads.

Since those early days, our company has grown from strength to strength, and with our hard work and attention to detail, and more importantly, with the support of our many customers, we have become a thriving little business.

While many things have changed in our business, one thing hasn’t: we still promise a truly artistic and award-winning style of photography at an affordable price. We also love telling the story of someone’s life by using images frozen on a digital negative that can never be captured in the exact same way again.

We will capture the love that exists between our couples. We will photograph their love story and document their day on digital film like no other photographers will.

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Our Unique Style, your special day

We see life through a lens, we capture motion stills, we see what others don’t, we see time in fragments, and then we freeze it like a dream that can only be revisited by opening an album page or gazing at a photo print.

We love what we do and are professionals in our fields. We promise to give you stunning photos from your once in a lifetime day and will work with you step by step without being intrusive.

If you have chosen us to be your photographer, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and if you haven’t, we thank you for taking the time to look at our work.